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HOW TO: Offload videos (but not images) from the WordPress Media Library to AWS S3

Offload videos uploaded through the Media Library (but not images) to S3 when hosting video for Memberpress – with this small hack.

HOW TO: Extend the WordPress REST API (with block support)

Extend the WordPress REST API to include personalised content for an external app to conditionally display based on segmentation.

BETA RELEASE: WP Cloudflare Access SSO 0.1.0

Make your WordPress site ultra-secure and passwordless with Cloudflare Access and our SSO plugin to keep it super simple!

HOW TO: Test your WordPress code on production like a boss

Should you test your new code on live? Probably not. That doesn’t mean there aren’t times when you need to. For those times, do this…

HOW TO: Set a variable HOME and SITEURL based on the requested domain

Serve the domain part of a URI based on the domain the client loads your Wordpress site on (ideal for reverse proxies or staging sites).

HOW TO: Create a downtime failover for your site with a Cloudflare Worker

Route traffic to a failover maintaining the live domain for your visitors if your site can’t be reached or a 50X error is detected.

HOW TO: Make content creators lives easier with machine learning

Use machine learning tools to boost SEO, improve ElasticSearch and help writers concentrate on what they do best… write.

HOW TO: Add Object caching to your WordPress site with Redis

Significantly improve Wordpress performance, particularly wp-admin with Object caching using Redis. Here’s how to set it up in 5 minutes…

HOW TO: Configure WordPress to support multiple Environments

Wordpress now has a way to know which instance it’s loading on (ie. dev, staging, prod) and automatically execute code specific to each.

HOW TO: Stop using wp-cron.php and do this instead…

Wordpress cron (wp-cron) works really well. Until it doesn’t. For a small single site blog with relatively low traffic, you don’t need this. But as you scale, or run a Woocommerce store or multisite – this is absolutely worth setting up.