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HOW TO: Serve WordPress from a subdirectory (no .htaccess)

This is not a proxy method – we’ll be “physically” serving Wordpress from a subdirectory without relying on .htaccess (FPM-compatible).

Security Headers for Headless: Frontity & Apache

Beef up your security by setting security headers. Here’s how to do it with Apache (Nginx method linked).

HOW TO: Block traffic coming from a specific domain

Inbound links are awesome. Except for when they’re not. Here’s how to stop bad ones…

HOW TO: Cache the WordPress REST API Post endpoint in Cloudflare

With this method using Apache, Node, Frontity and Cloudflare, you can start imagining how to get your site to 100% uptime.

HOW TO: Strip WPBakery Page Builder “VC” shortcodes from all posts and pages

Need a quick way to strip WPBakery Page builder shortcodes like [vc_row], [vc_column], etc. from your posts and pages? Use WP Cli with –regex!

HOW TO: Pre-install a Let’s Encrypt SSL cert BEFORE pointing your DNS

Learn how to pre-install a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate before pointing your DNS to WP Engine during a migration or host switch.

[SOLVED] Broken Sitemap.xml: Error line 2 at column 6

Here’s how to fix the “error line 2 at column 6…only at the start of the document” sitemap.xml issue and why it happens in the first place.

HOW TO: Serve wp-admin from a separate subdomain (or domain)

Ever needed to serve your Wordpress wp-admin/ or wp-login.php from a seperate domain or subdomain than your main site? Here’s how you can do it…

HOW TO: Inject an admin user when you’re locked out of WordPress wp-admin

Locked out of your Wordpress wp-admin? No longer have access to the email address for your user to reset the password? Here are some handy workarounds.

HOW TO: Set up Webp image support with Webp Express on Nginx (CDN-compatible/no .htaccess)

Learn how to setup and fully support webp image support on Nginx with the webp express plugin. Compatible with Cloudflare, Stackpath and any other CDN.